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The Rise In The Popularity Of LED Light Usage

Light Emitting Diode or popularly known as the LED. When the electrical current passes through the diode which is a semiconductor then the light comes out from the bulbs. The diode helps the current to flow through which has two electrodes that are an anode and a cathode.

The usage of  LED lights has gone up as compared to the other lights. It seems they are becoming more and more popular and common in various places, maybe in your home, offices, malls, schools, universities, etc.

The popularity of the LED bulb can have many reasons which we will discuss but the main reason for the popularity of the LEDs is because of the advantages that a LED light gas shows over the other lights. They are found to be extremely power efficient and sound 90 percent less energy consumption compared to incandescent or halogen bulbs. And the LED lights can emit various warmth levels that are not even in comparison to any other light.

But what is so different about LED lights?

The answer to this question comes from a variety of levels of comparison and quality that a LED light provides.

  • They provide bright light for your work. LEDs have the technology or quality which makes the light go in a single or specific direction which increases its performance in the terms of the brightness they provide. As against the other lights which run in all the directions and the majority of them are absorbed by the source upon which they reflect.

Just focusing in the one direction the light feels more bright and is more visible in dark for the various purposes it may be used for.

  • The lifetime of LED bulbs is superior to the other lights such as incandescent bulbs or CFL bulbs. The life of a LED bulb is expected to be around 100000 working hours which is almost 5 times more than CFL lights and 30 times more than the incandescent lights. So you do not need to change it often; it is a long-term investment compared to the other lights.
  • The problem with the traditional lights is if you use them for long hours they get overheated and might melt the important parts of the bulbs which is helping to emit light which results in their short life and inability to work for long hours. But the LED lights are different from them. They are known for not getting overheated and remain cool after using them continuously for long hours. The incandescent bulbs cause 90 percent of their energy into heat and CFL bulbs cause 80 percent of their energy into heat.
  • You can experience the light of various colours with LEDs which is not possible in other traditional lights. Which are used to mix and create a white light to emit from the bulbs

So below are the reasons for a LED to become so popular among people. Now it has become a normal thing to see a LED bulb almost everywhere you go.

Reasons For Popularity

Safety From Heat

Overheating is the biggest cause of the bulbs going crazy and they often burst from the heat they get from the source. The average energy which got wasted in the form of heat in incandescent bulbs is 90 percent and the average energy which got wasted in the form of heat in CFL bulbs is 80 percent. But it is not the case with the LED bulbs they really emit heat.

Sizes and designs of the lights

The LED light has versatile uses so it also has the versatility in the designs and the size in which they are available in the market. Comes in almost every size from small to big to large and all the in-between sizes and designs according to your preferences.

Dimming the ability of the light

LEDs have hardware specifications that let them work on even low voltages in your home or offices. It is also the reason why they consume so little electricity to work which in turn saves energy and money from your pocket.

Instant-on and off

You might have seen the problem with the tube lights which take 1 to 2 seconds of time to turn on. This is the old technology that was used traditionally but now with the use of the LED bulbs, they are going off and on in an instant without any delay.


In the process of LED bulb manufacturing, there is no use of mercury. Mercury needs to be treated in a certain way for disposal purposes as it is not eco-friendly. In the traditional lights, the usage of mercury was needed to emit light but it came at the cost of disturbing the environment which was solved with the usage of the LED lights.

The Bottom Line

LEDs are the future of the lighting segment, hence, it is wise to know more about them and utilise them in every possible way.

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