What are the Different Job Roles in Business Analytics?

You can’t make excellent decisions until you have good data and information. As a result, businesses rely on business analytics professionals to examine data and assist them in making better-informed decisions. Business analytics is an investigative strategy that verifies the company’s data and offers the users appropriate solutions. These individuals know about all the activities, such as prior performance records, business operations, and industry trends. Furthermore, overseeing strategic planning and making judgments based on available facts promote the company’s growth and development.

In addition, business analytics provides several career opportunities and is in high demand. Thus, to have a lucrative career in this field, it is advised to go for Business Analytics Online Training.

Different Job Roles in Business Analytics

There are several career opportunities for business analytics professionals. These career opportunities are as follows:

Data Architect

Data architects use several tools to create a database accessible to all company employees. However, a data architect must have the skill to solve problems. Thus, to become a data architect and advance your career in analytics, you must have a degree in computer science and essential analytical and applied mathematics skills.

Chief Data Officer

The primary responsibility of a chief data officer is to collect insights from a specific set of data and apply them to the company’s operations. They collect data and use innovative techniques to maximize a company’s output.

However, remember that it is a high-level position that requires a specialized master’s degree and approximately ten years of data analytics experience.

Data Analyst

Companies require professionals to clean, manage, and analyze their data to produce meaningful results that can help the company grow. A data analyst acts as a data porter for an organization’s data. Moreover, they collect and analyze data to make better plans and business decisions in various fields. Nowadays, data analysis has become one of the most in-demand jobs worldwide.

Chief Technology Officer

It is crucial to understand and implement technologies that assist the company in meeting its business goals and objectives. As a result, a Chief Technology Officer makes technological decisions and reports directly to the company’s CEO. Thus, to become successful in this competitive market, businesses must stay up-to-date with technology and all-new market trends. In addition, chief technology officers are in high demand and well-compensated these days.


It is one of the most demanding professions. Mathematicians and statisticians are in high demand because of their ability to analyze large datasets using mathematical theories and techniques to solve practical problems. Companies rely on statisticians to meet administrative standards and provide practical solutions to problems. Moreover, statisticians collect, interpret, and review quantitative data from surveys and experiments.

●  Project Manager

These professionals manage all projects and the six project aspects, namely scope, schedule, finance, risk, quality, and resources. They use data-driven business skills to plan, budget, and track projects for an organization. However, they are well organized and possess exceptional leadership and critical thinking abilities. Thus, project management is a rewarding career with high pay and plenty of variety at work, but it is also a demanding job.

●  Application Architect

They are highly skilled technical professionals who use their insight, solutions, analytical, problem-solving, and critical-thinking abilities to create, use, and maintain software. Moreover, you should have strong programming skills, specialization in designing architectures and languages, relevant credentials, and industry experience.

Future Career Scope of Business Analytics

A Certified Business Analytics Professional is in high demand from small, medium, and large businesses. Forecasting demand, risk assessment, identifying potential supply chain disruptions, and delivering aid in times of emergency are just a few of the systems where business analytics has proven to be beneficial in India. As a result, many MNCs are looking to hire such professionals. Top MNCs such as Groupon, Amazon India, TCS, Accenture, Exide Life Insurance, Mastercard, JP Morgan Chase, and others are increasingly hiring these professionals.


Finally, a career in business analytics is a good choice for those who want to work in both the business and data science domains. Though it may appear complex to make a career in the field, all you need is the right qualifications and skill set to thrive in business analytics. As a result, you should have proper Business Analytics Training in Gurgaon.

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