Best Places to Stay in Kolkata

Best Places to Stay in Kolkata For Your Next Dream Destination

Another growing city in India is Kolkata. Kolkata is capital of the West Bengal and it is the largest county we can consider in India. In Kolkata, one of the most significant builds is the Howdah bridge. Kolkata is a very famous city from British time because Kolkata is one of the famous river banks and is good for business there. The official language in Kolkata is Bengali but there are different speaking people who also stay there. 

Kolkata is also very famous for its architecture and galleries. Some of the best architecture is India Museum, Kalighat Temple, and Dakshineswar Temple. Today my focus topic is the best places to stay in Kolkata. There are might be different reasons for move one place to another and some of you also have a dream city to stay in Kolkata. That’s why I decide that before going to find the best area please read this post you get the idea of where you want to live and why?

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Best Places to Stay in Kolkata:

As we discuss the top area of Kolkata, I try to provide those types of places where you get all the facilities very easily like transportation, education for your children, and all your required facilities available 24*7. Now first we going to make one list where you find all the areas where you can live and after that, I can select some of the best areas where you research that area and try to find all further information from your purpose. 

  • Jadavpur
  • Park Street
  • Bhawanipur
  • Tollygunge
  • Salt Lake

According to me, there are the top 5 areas where you can live and fulfill all your needs. Let’s go into deep and gather information that which areas are interconnected to each other. 


The first posh area in Kolkata is Jadavpur which is in the south of Kolkata. If you find the best homes at an affordable price then this is best for you. There are some main roads are connected like Anwar Shah Road and make connections with other places like Jodhpur, Dhakuria, and Garia. 

Another Best advantage to selecting Jadavpur is you can easily find transportation services because you find an 8B bus stand near and also a railway station near this area. There are lots of local markets also available where you can do the shopping and if you are a foodie person then also food-related stuff you can find there. Ravindra Metro is only 4km far away from this location. 

Park Street

If you find the best and most famous are in Kolkata then your research over and that location name is Park Street. Park Street is the south part of Kolkata. In that area, you can find most of the royal localities and you can also enjoy lying there. With this, you find the modern and good architecture related to business so if you find business opportunities then also it is available. The key factor of this area is continuously in the growing phase. Park Street is in between the Southern and central parts of Kolkata. 

This has lots of schools so You can’t find any educational opportunities there and let me tell you which are different schools are available example Birla High School, Ashok Hall Girl’s High School, and you can also find one market near which is Vrindavan market for shopping as well. 


The old area of Kolkata is Bhawanipur and this is located in the south area of Kolkata. This is for the rich people like a businessman, celebrities, and other people who can afford a home in this area. The best things about this area are that you can go to every area of Kolkata through this place. In this place, you can find all types of house-like buildings, separate personal houses, and luxurious bungalows. 

We can say that this area is the hometown of education, transportation, and living a life of good quality. So, if you find the best bungalows and without any problem because this is a rich area for most of the people and also a dream area for other people. 


Now if you live in this area then might be confused that this is the film industry of Bengal then why it is?  In this area you can find different opportunities in Music, Sports and film also. Now you can find here Bungalows, Apartments and a personal house also. Why you select this is because you find railway transportation and connect with the local area in the whole of Kolkata. 

Apart from that, you can find good infrastructure and good growth opportunities in this area. Also, find good opportunities in the education field and health care. There are different parks and greeneries you can see here. 

Salt Lake:

Salt Lake, unmistakably known as Bidhannagar, is an efficiently arranged smaller municipality and the fundamental IT center point of Kolkata. So, if you want to make a career in the IT industry then this place gives you the best opportunities and makes your own business. If you want to live in a low-rise building then you can find a good one here and also separate it with personal bungalows here. Now here you can also find good public transportation services. 

In this area, there are lots of huge companies working there. For example, it’s IT firm area so Capgemini, TCS, Cognizant, and other best company in IT working there so it will good selection of this place and business or IT work opportunities there. 

That’s all about the best area to live in in Kolkata. Might be some of you live there or some thinking to live there so in both cases this will helpful for you. And other areas are also good for life and some of the areas are under construction also. I hope you understand what I would say. Now it’s your turn that you decide in which area you want to live and start research on that. I try to explain all the things from education to business opportunities. 

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There is a different and unexpected situation that comes when we want to leave one place and move to a new place. Might be this situation come for your business, education purpose or any other reason but after that, you also expected that you can live in a good area where you find all the service like transportation, electricity and other regular needs services. 

Above you can find the best area to live in in Kolkata. Because some of try to live there but can’t find the good area. Now you found all the information so decide and research that area. If you find any other areas which are the best ones compared to this then you can also comment to me I can research that are and if suitable then I try to add them to my post. Till that read and we will meet soon with new topic. 

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