How Are ERP Software Companies In Pune Helping Businesses Transform Their Processes?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is one of the most popular and valued software systems for any organisation in today’s times. These solutions are essential for every business because they help in the process of streamlining the business procedures as well as help the organisations to be efficient and productive. SAP Business One is one of the most used ERP software for small businesses all over the world. There are a number of ERP software companies in Pune which are helping businesses achieve their goals and boost productivity. Let us understand in detail about the ERP software.

ERP Software

Any organisation will have different processes and functions. An ERP software will help in the unification of all the different processes in a single platform so that any data can be accessed anytime and businesses can get real-time information about the various functions from one source. It will help in connecting the entire data of the organisation for getting proper insights that will enable them in optimising all processes across the various domains. An efficient ERP solution will offer flexibility in the methods of deployment as well as improvement in the security, safety and privacy, and customisation according to the needs of each business.

How are ERP software systems deployed?

• On-Premise – This is a traditional way of deploying ERP software. The company will purchase the software from the ERP provider for installation on their servers.

• Cloud Hosted – It is a Service that will allow the users to have access to the ERP software from the Internet. It has fewer upfront costs because the resources are leased on a monthly basis.

• Public Cloud – In this case, the software will be publicly owned as well as hosted by the ERP solution provider. The services will be provided through a license or a monthly subscription. The vendor is able to provide the same ERP software service to a number of clients for a subscription fee charged every month.

• Private Cloud – The company will take the services of a third-party vendor but the data, as well as backups, will be managed on the private servers of organisation, even though it is not the owner of the software.

What is the duration for successful ERP implementation?

The time taken to implement an ERP solution successfully will depend on a number of factors like the size of the organisation, method of deployment method as well as functionalities needed, etc. Time taken will be different from one business to another. The entire process of effective ERP implementation may take up to 3 to 4 months.

What can be the issues preventing successful ERP software implementation?

Let us look at some ERP implementation challenges

• Businesses fail to have a proper implementation strategy. They do not give importance to past projects or don’t have a proper budget. It can also happen that all the stakeholders are not involved in the process and there is no effective schedule for progress measurement.

• The software implementation, as well as completion time, is not calculated properly.

• The project scope has to be clear and all the relevant stakeholders should be informed by the project managers in advance.

• All the potential risks have to be gauged and managed efficiently for avoiding any failures in ERP implementation.

• A proper testing strategy is absolutely necessary for successful ERP implementation.

• Another important factor is that effective ERP implementation is achieved with effective teamwork. The team should be managed by an experienced and efficient leader.

• Proper and timely communication with the stakeholders is crucial for the successful ERP implementation.

• Any mistakes in project management can also influence an ERP software’s success.


ERP solutions are not meant only for the large organisations. There are a number of ERP software solutions for small and medium-sized businesses and SAP Business One is one of them. SAP B1 is an extremely popular and reliable ERP solution that is specifically created according to the needs and requirements of small and medium-sized businesses. One of the most well-known and reputed ERP software companies in Pune, Praxis Info Solutions is a dependable SAP Business One partner, that will help you to deploy the best ERP solution for your business.

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