What is The Full Body Cancer Screening Cost in India?

A full body cancer screening test can be very useful in the detection of cancer especially at an early stage even before the appearance of any symptoms. If an unusual tissue or a cancerous lump is found early, it might be easier to treat.  It generally happens that by the time any signs or symptoms will show, the cancer might have developed and has spread in the body. In this case, it may become harder to cure. However, one should keep in mind that if the health care practitioner is suggesting going for a cancer screening, it does not mean that the person has cancer. Let us see the procedure of cancer screening and full body cancer screening cost in India.

What are the different varieties of screenings?

Mostly the Cancer screening tests will include the following –

  • A Physical examination of the body – A proper physical examination of the body is essential for checking a person’s general health. It will include inspection for the signs and symptoms of any disease, like lumps or anything that is unusual in the human body. A history of the individual’s habits, as well as family disease history, previous illnesses, as well as any current or past treatments, can also be taken.
  • Laboratory tests – Common tests include lab tests by collecting samples of blood, urine, stool, or any other substances in the body.
  • Imaging Tests – Pictures of different parts of the body can also be taken.
  • Genetic assessments – Cells or tissues of the body are examined in the lab to identify any changes in the genes. These changes can be a sign that an individual has or is at risk of having a particular disease.

Points to be considered for cancer screenings

  • Some screening tests can have risks. An individual should be aware of the possible risks of going for the screening test. People should also be aware of the effectiveness of the test.
  • Some screening processes may cause bleeding or any other problems in the body.
  • It is possible that the results of the screening tests may appear abnormal even if actually there is no cancer.
  • If the test result is falsely positive, it can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety and will be followed by even more tests, which will be very risky.
  • In some cases, the screening test results can look normal even if there is cancer in the body. This is very risky as a person who thinks he does not have cancer but actually does can delay seeking medical help even after showing symptoms.
  • We can never know if the cancer treatment would actually help the person live longer.
  • The treatments for cancer can also have side effects.

The full body cancer screening cost in India can be over Rs. 5000 but all tests can be trusted.

Who should go for screenings?

A few of the screening tests are for individuals who are at risk for some kinds of cancer. These are the people with a higher risk of cancer than others-

  • Individuals have a personal history of cancer.
  • Those who have a family history of cancer.
  • A few gene mutations have been connected to cancer.
  • If people were exposed to the cancer-causing agents like tobacco, alcohol, or chemicals in the workplace.
  • Blood clots are developing in the body for no reason.
  • Old age.


The objective of a cancer screening test is to detect cancer before there is any display of symptoms. At that time, it still may be easy to treat it successfully. An effective screening test is definitely the one that finds cancer early. There are many cancer screening tests that are recommended by expert.

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