Things To Know Before Planning For Online B.Com Admission

Bachelor of Commerce or B.Com is a three-year duration undergraduate program. Students interested in finance, business, economics, and accounting can choose the course for their academic careers. The B.Com course provides students with managerial skills and offers deep and skillful knowledge in like accounting, taxation, and management.

Semester And Subjects of Online B.Com Degree

The online b com courses are comprised of six semesters. The subjects are grouped into each semester. As it is a three-year degree, each year has two semesters.

  • Semester 1

The B.Com degree first semester contains five major subjects such as financial accounting, office automation tools, etc.

  • Semester 2 

In the second semester of the course, subjects such as company law, cost accounting, business economics, business law, and advanced English communication skills.

  • Semester 3 

Semester 3 of B.Com has corporate accounting, management accounting, business mathematics and statistics, income tax law and practice, Generic Elective- I, and Community Development Project.

  • Semester 4 

The fourth semester of the course includes Auditing and Corporate Governance, Fundamentals of Financial Management, general elective II, skill enhancement course I, skill enhancement course II, and soft skills.

  • Semester 5

The subjects in the semester are Discipline Specific Elective I, Discipline Specific Elective II, Generic Elective III, Skill Enhancement Course III, and project or two courses from the general electives.

  • Semester 6

Semester 6 has Goods and Services Tax and Customs Law, Discipline Specific Elective III, Discipline Specific Elective IV, Generic Elective IV, and Skill Enhancement Course IV.

Course Curriculum And Learning Methods In Online B.Com Degree

The course curriculum in top universities is presented in an organized manner to give the best efforts virtually. Live instruction is provided to the students each semester.

The students can conveniently listen to their classes in their free hours.

Admission Process For Online B.Com Degree

To get admission into an online B.Com degree in top universities in India, the students need to know about the complete admission process. Below mentioned are the admission criteria for b com admission.

  • Registration Process

The students need to go through the online website of any university and apply through the admission portal. The process of registration is the initial step for admission. Here, the student should Sign Up and make their registered account. Some universities charge registration fees. After the registration process, the student will get into the next process.

  • Online Application Form

After successfully completing the registration process, the student has to fill up the application form for b com admission. The student needs to fill in personal details, previous academic details, and other mandatory requirements in the form. After filling in the details, the student has to pay the program fee and upload important documents, including identity proof, previous academic documents, etc.

  • LMS Activation

The LMS or learning management system is activated for the student after the admission process. The universities send the LMS activation process through the mail.

Fees Structure And Eligibility For Online B.Com Degree

The fee structure for an online B.Com Degree in India is around INR 24,000 per semester; The eligibility criteria for b com courses is the student should have completed its 10+2 examination.

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