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Minimum Income Required to Acquire Affordable Apartments in Dubai?

Need at least 20% of cash in your pocket to hold the property in your name and be able to pay the rest of the payment, buy an apartment and get a mortgage for your apartment property buying process.

Mortgage prevails for house buying and pays with the cut off your some amount of salary per month to decrease and vanish the landed amount. To proceed with the process of buying a property, you need to show the dealer that you have at least 20% of the property value, and the rest you can manage by earning enough by your monthly income in Dubai.

If you are a citizen of the UAE, you need to show 15% of the property value to give them a hint that you can manage the rest payment with an easy payment plan. Dubai is an ideal place to own or buy a house. There are many expats who live here and are interest to own a new home.

  • There are many enormous ranges of affordable apartments in Dubai for those who wish to buy and own a home in Dubai.
  • Dubai Stands for a great life with a fast and modern lifestyle, with the government supporting citizens to enjoy life to the fullest.
  • Real estate in Dubai brings a great strategy plan according to your finance and budget and helps you buy a property in your name.
  • The next level real estate in Dubai works as an award-winning real estate to serve the best property plan to their clients.
  • Experienced real estate agents in dubai can have a great way to minimize your expensive.


To save money for the future to save you from hurdles is always a good idea, so do buy affordable apartments to secure your future and live a hassle-free life without paying rent every month. This rental home is excellent for those who make such handsome money in each month.

But thinking of your own home is a fresh feeling and gives a boost to your life. Owning affordable apartments is a great feeling, a feeling of joy and accomplishment to own a apartments or home in your life and have a problem free life. Life could be much easier with buying a home and getting assets for future life.

To save some money for owning affordable apartments in Dubai, you need to calculate and survey the real estate market in Dubai to know exactly how much money you need to obtain a home.


If you want to know how to save money in Dubai, start with a savings account. Opening up a savings account with Emirates NBD and most other banks in Dubai is as simple as possible, yet it makes all the difference. While you won’t exactly be getting interested in your savings as you might in your native country, you’ll at least be able to mentally separate your down payment fund from your everyday spending money.


In our fast-moving computer age, the one thing you can do quickly is to calculate what your monthly expenses are versus how much you ought to be spending.

Calculating your expanse and balance between earning and spending makes your decision wise and visibly different from your previous spending.

Foreign investors can proceed to buy property in Dubai; the Dubai government has made some freehold areas in UAE for those not residing in UAE or want to own a property in Dubai to settle there in their own home.

These freehold areas are near Dubai’s most famous and, namely areas, including downtown Dubai, Dubai hill estate, and Dubai marina.

Foreigners can get a mortgage for residential property. Bring cash and buy a new one. Some buyers may prefer the flexibility of a mortgage plan.

  • Foreign investors need to earn enough to get affordable apartments in Dubai.
  • Own a property with an amount around a salary of AED 15k.
  • The eventual amount you will pay will also consider the Dubai Land Department (DLD) fee, mortgage registration fee, agency fee and other payments.

The transition from tenant to owner

Are you ready to invest in the real estate market to own a home where the sense of owning a home is soothing and satisfying?

  • Dubai is considered to be the highest residential comfort living in the world.
  • Dubai’s living style is famous for its high lifestyle and attractive luxury unprecedented residence.
  • People wish to settle there and live a phenomenal life in Dubai.
  • Extraordinary living standard with incredible privileges on having a life in Dubai.
  • With an infinite living luxury life and activities.
  • Festivities celebration with the government support family-friendly environment material.

The second reason why you should buy a property with a minimum salary in Dubai is the attractive LTV (loan-to-value) ratio it offers.

Property Type

To gain some idea of what type of property you are looking for to call home. The type of property and your salary must be balance to watch with deep sights to ensure the investment is easy on the pocket and you can bear the expenses of buying a property in Dubai. In Dubai will vary depending on your desired property type and location since the city is home to both affordable and luxurious properties.

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To qualify for a monthly loan from Dubai banks, you need to be sure that you are earning a minimum AED15 k salary per month to return the loan you are getting for buying a property.

Average investor type

For the average investor, Dubai has got economical and inexpensive property options to at least earn 15k AED to buy a cheap and less investment apartment. Bear in mind that the mortgage spend is set at under 25% of your monthly salary.

Those earning a minimum monthly salary of AED 10k can comfortably afford to buy 1-bedroom apartments in Jumeirah Lake Towers. The average price of one BHK flat for sale in JLT is AED 808k.


Luxury living options are ample in Dubai, Additionally. Numerous range and massive options are list in the real estate market to invest in dubai, and own a home, Also. You can buy a 1-bedroom apartment in Downtown Dubai at an average cost of AED 1.54M. You’ll need a monthly minimum salary of AED 18k to get a home in Downtown Dubai.

The minimum salary to buy a luxury 3-bed apartment in Dubai is 20k AED, end the higher than this. The luxurious 4-bed houses for sale in Dubai Hills Estate require buyers to have a monthly salary of at least AED 50k when buying property in Dubai with a mortgage.

According to the UAE Mortgage Cap law, ex-pats buyers must have a down payment of 20% for their first completed property. At the same time, UAE nationals must have a down payment of 15% of the total property value. If the property value is greater than AED 5 million, then the down payment is require by each-patsies 30%, while UAE Nationals are require to put up 25%.

The down payment required will differ if you are purchasing your second or third property, or are investing in an off plan property. So, it’s better to save up for a down payment in Dubai to get on easy.

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