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Guide to Choosing the Right Hoist for Your Application

When selecting a hoist for your industrial lifting need, you must consider various factors to ensure safety, durability, and cost-effectiveness. For hoist trolley systems, the most important elements to consider when making these decisions are:

  • Type of hoists
  • Capacity
  • Power supply
  • Type of suspension
  • Required lift height
  • Lifting speed

Types of Hoists

There are three main hoists: electric, manual, and lever hoists. Each type of hoist has its advantages and disadvantages that make it more or less suitable for specific applications.

  • Electric hoists are the most common type of hoists. They are easy to operate and very versatile. Electric hoists can raise heavy loads, move materials, and lift fragile items.
  • Manual chain hoists are much less expensive than electric hoists since you can operate them by hand. Manual chain hoists are ideal for lighter loads and in applications where electricity is unavailable.
  • Lever chain hoists are manual hoists that use a lever to generate the lifting force. Lever hoists are smaller and lighter than other manual hoists, making them easy to transport and store. You can use them for lifting lighter loads in confined spaces.


The capacity of hoist trolley systems is another crucial factor to consider. The hoist must be able to lift more weight than the heaviest object you expect to lift. You must also ensure the beam or crane can support the hoist.

Another factor to consider is how often you will use the hoist. If you’re going to use it often, you may want to choose a higher capacity so it will last longer. If you don’t use it as much, a lower capacity may save you money.

Power Supply

Electric hoists need a power source, so you need to ensure an outlet is nearby. If there isn’t an outlet, you can use a generator, but that will add to the cost of operations. Manual and lever hoists don’t need a power source, so you can use them anywhere.

Another consideration is voltage, which is different between regions. In the United States, the standard voltage is 120 volts. In Europe, it is 240 volts. Make sure you choose a hoist that can operate on the voltage in your region.

Type of Suspension

The type of suspension you need will depend on how you plan to use the hoist. The three main types are the following:

  • Plain or push-type hoist trolley systems are the simplest and most economical. They run on a rail or beam, which you can move by pushing. They are great for lighter loads and in applications where speed is not critical.
  • Geared trolleys have gears that move faster than plain trolleys. These trolleys are more expensive than push-types but worth it if speed is crucial.
  • Motorized trolleys have an electric motor and can move very quickly. They are the most expensive type of trolley, but they are ideal for applications where speed is critical.

Required Lift Parameters

Lift parameters are something you need to think about as well.

  • Required lift height – This is how high the hoist needs to be able to lift something.
  • Lift length – This is how far the loaded hook can travel between lowered and raised positions.
  • Reach – The distance between the hoist suspension and when the hook is in its lowest position.
  • Headroom – This is the distance between the hoist suspension and the hook in its raised position.

Lifting Speed

The lifting speed of a hoist trolley system is the speed at which it can raise or lower a load. Lifting speed is vital to consider because it can affect productivity. If the hoist is too slow, it will take longer to complete tasks. If it is too fast, it could be dangerous.

The Final Say

When selecting a chain hoist trolley for your industrial lifting needs, these factors will form a comprehensive guide for you to consider. However, you also need a trusted provider to assist you in selecting. We can help you choose the best hoist for your operation. Contact our expert staff today to learn more.

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