Why Should You Do a B. Com Degree?

One of the popular choices opted for by many students in India is b com courses. However, B. Com- Bachelor of Commerce is very popular among the students who want to make a bright career in the corporate or commercial sector. Well, you can find some other popular courses offered offline and online, but the scope of acquiring skills, knowledge as well as training to deal with the corporate world is something different from those courses. If you are looking for some reasons to join a b.com degree, then keep reading this article.

The Popularity of B.com courses is Increasing

The b.com program is a 3-year degree program. Opting for this, you can have in-depth knowledge and understanding of Financial Management as well as accounting. Speaking about the curriculum of this course, it has a perfect subject combination of Management, Banking and Insurance, Economics, Commercial Law and Accountancy. During your b com admission, you can go for the B. Com program or a B. Com course with honours. But it will depend on certain eligibility criteria set by the college or university you are applying for.

Career options for b.com students are more, and you can go for different job profiles based on your skills. Well, here are some major benefits that you can enjoy after completing your b. com degree.

Better Employment Opportunities

In most career sectors, for example, public affairs, social services, administration and more, a master-degree is gradually replacing a bachelor’s degree in terms of a minimum requirement for employment. But there are still some sectors that accept a bachelor’s degree.

Earlier, with a B. Com degree, one could get entry-level job roles, like a student service coordinator, academic adviser and more. Well, holding this degree may not lead you to the ultimate success, but it can open up doors for various employment opportunities.

Vast Future Prospects

Well, when most B.com graduates get into a professional career after completing their b com courses, however, an excellent path can be pursuing higher education. There is no doubt that this degree can bring you a lucrative career path, but if you go for a higher education degree, your journey will be easier. You can go for:

  • Com

Some students think an M. Com degree will not add value to their career, but the fact is it can open up multiple career opportunities, like a professorship through UGC NET as well as Junior Research Fellowship.

  • MBA

This is the most popular choice for B. Com graduates. Under an MBA degree, you can opt for various specializations, such as MBA in Marketing, Finance, Information Technology and more.

  • Chartered Accountancy

Doing CA after the completion of your B. Com degree is a perfect idea. This will offer you better career growth opportunities and impressive pay scales.

Training In Different Topics

Under the b com courses, students are trained in the field of banking, finance and commerce. But there are more specializations in this sector that you can choose based on your preference. For instance, marketing, accounts and finance, law, human resources, banking and insurance, corporate secretaryship and more. With a sufficient level of skills and knowledge, finding a job after your degree will not be a challenging task for you.

Good Salary Packages

It can be said that whether it be a private organization or government organization, the employment opportunities are more for a B. Com student. Besides, they can enjoy lucrative packages. As per the data, the average package can range from Rs. 2,00,000 to Rs. 4,00,00 for a fresher. However, you should keep in mind that your salary will depend on different factors. For instance, experience, the level of qualification, area of specialization, industry type and more. The job opportunities are increasing for B. Com graduates with time.

Final Words

If you are looking for a good course or degree program that can help you in creating a bright career, then it’s time to check the b com admission schedule of different universities and enrol into the degree now. This is a promising discipline and academic qualification that can create good career options. Some colleges and universities are now offering online B. Com degree programs. So, you can now complete your degree at the best university without attaining the classes physically.

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