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Pros and Cons of Wearing Disposable Gloves

Are you looking for the best disposable glove to use in the healthcare industry? There are many options available when it comes to disposable gloves. From simple plastic gloves to nitrile gloves, there are many options available. Apart from their uses in medical facilities, they have extensive use in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. 


Conventional disposable gloves were invented in 1889. Since then, their uses have been extending to various industries, medical facilities, and more. Further, vinyl vs. latex gloves for food is used widely but have different functions. Therefore, before using any glove, one must know the advantages and disadvantages of gloves for any industry or particular use. 

This blog will guide you on using the best disposable glove for various uses. How they can be triggering to your skin, and what are the significant cons that must be considered while purchasing the gloves. 


Pros and Cons of Disposable Gloves

The use of gloves in medical facilities is extensive as it helps you avoid many risks from being exposed to body fluids, commensals, and various other elements. However, latex gloves, such as an effective shield of hands from certain chemicals and protection from abrasive chemicals, also have many disadvantages, such as allergy or irritation on certain skin types. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of the disposable glove in detail.

Pros of Disposable Gloves

Research studies suggest that disposable glove were inevitable in almost all types of industries. Here are some major benefits that add up to their value and use in different industries:

1: Protection

One of the benefits of wearing disposable gloves is that they offer protection from various elements. For instance, in a medical setting or a laboratory, you are exposed to various germs, body fluids such as blood, and other potential contaminants to initiate an infection. Whether the nitrile ones or the latex ones, protect your hands from such elements and offer full security.  

2: Resistance

The disposable gloves offer chemical resistance from the chemical agents such as acids and other harsh bleaching agents that can be the source of acid burns on your skin. In addition, they ensure resistance from such chemical components if you’re working in a chemistry lab. 

Additionally, wearing gloves when testing the patients is necessary for the healthcare sector. There is a lot of use of needles to prick and probe your patients, and hence you’re exposed to the patient’s blood. So, it is essential to use a physical barrier to resist any reaction to your skin. Disposable gloves serve the best for this kind of resistance. 

3: Comfort

Another significant benefit of using disposable gloves is that they offer comfort. The gloves are flexible enough to avoid cramps after being used for hours. Try to get the right size to avoid any fitting issues. 

Cons of Disposable Gloves

With various benefits of using disposable gloves, there are some cons that you must consider before purchasing the gloves. 

1: Irritation

Sometimes not every kind of glove works efficiently for all types of skin. For instance, nitrile gloves can irritate and provoke specific allergies for some skin types. But for that kind of skin, latex gloves can be helpful. Hence, it is a disadvantage of disposable gloves that they can’t be used for all skin types. 

2: Allergy

Disposable gloves are one of the causes that trigger allergic reactions on the skin. In some cases, allergic reactions occur due to the extensive use of gloves. So, one must know the disadvantages of the gloves before using them. 

3: Lack of comfort

For some people, gloves don’t provide comfort. In such cases, wearing gloves for long hours can be problematic. People get cramps if they wear gloves for long. Further, one major thing that affects is the right size of the gloves. Mismatched gloves for your hands can cause you trouble. 


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