How Robotic Automation helps in Material Handling?

Meaning of  material handling robots :

Robotic Material handling is one of the simplest methods to introduce automation to a manufacturing line since they can automate some of the most monotonous, uninteresting, and dangerous operations. Robotic Material handling improves the productivity of your manufacturing line and boosts customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality items on the schedule.

Robotic Material handling solutions and automation refers to a wide range of product motions on the shop floor. Material handling applications include part selection and transfer, palletizing, packaging, and machine loading, to name a few.

When selecting material handling equipment for your facility, consider payload and speed requirements, end-of-arm tooling or grippers required, facility layout and floor space, the type of material being handled, and any other potential production issues.

Reason to apply robots in material handling :

There are several advantages to utilizing robots for material handling.

Robots can assist in overcoming some of the most frequent material handling issues, such as:

  • assisting in the reduction of excessive labor expenses
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Reduced downtime throughout the board

But there is one compelling argument to utilize robots that outweighs the rest:

  • Workplace injury reduction

For the ordinary worker, material handling duties are among the most hazardous. While they may not always include dangerous equipment, there is always the possibility that individuals will overwork their bodies. This might be related to musculoskeletal damage caused by repeated actions.

Although pre-work workouts and ergonomic adjustments can help lessen this danger, it’s more efficient to delegate the duty to a robot.


Applications of robotic material handling and automation :

Here are five machine-handling duties that might be ideal for a robot:

1. Products Packing

Packing goods for shipping or further processing is a standard material handling activity. The work contributes little value to the finished product. It’s a classic “in-between” action.

For packing, robots are ideal. They’re adaptable enough that you can use the same robot to handle a selection of goods.

2. Transfer of Parts

Moving components from one section of the plant to another is a common step in the production process. This is a tedious chore that is a waste of people’s time.

The robotic component transfer is a simple application to install and configure, making it an excellent initial robotic duty.

3. Hydraulic motors for loading and unloading

Conveyors are a typical way for material to be moved around a facility. However, you must load and unload the merchandise onto them, which is a difficulty.

Conveyor loading may be accomplished in three ways:

  •  Get individuals to execute it, which provides all of the same challenges as before.
  • To route goods to the next automated phase in the process, use complicated, customized automation technologies.
  •  Investing in a robot.

Utilizing a robot provides equivalent flexibility to using humans and is far less expensive than total automation.

4. Maintaining Material Position

Some pieces just need to be kept in place while procedures are performed on them. To hold the material stable, conventional methods include using a person or creating specialized fixturing.

Robots may simply be programmed to handle a variety of different components. They’re often employed for this purpose, such as holding items in front of a painting machine.

5. Palletizing and Depalletizing Materials are most often delivered on pallets 

This necessitates depalletization, a tedious and “back-breaking” task. Similarly, loading things onto pallets is generally the final step before they are delivered to clients.

Robots are not only capable of doing palletizing jobs; they are often superior to people in this regard. They can pack-objects more consistently and will never have musculoskeletal issues as humans do.

Perks of applying robotic material handling solutions and automation:

Access to data quickly:

Within an industry, different work locations and pieces of material handling equipment functioned in isolation. Logistics specialists, facility managers, and other industry professionals now have access to all data at any time thanks to the automation of these machines.

Improved Quality Assurance:

The use of automated equipment for inspection finds more faults and lowers waste output and rework. Machine vision driven by AI has gained a lot of popularity in recent years; these automated material handling devices make the production process more accurate and high-quality goods.

High-volume, flexible production:

Automated material handling allows a company to become significantly more versatile and well-equipped to create a variety of goods and make process adjustments without having to assemble a crew. It allows distribution centers and factories to handle and transfer more items in less time.

Workplace Protection:

Organizations who aim to improve the safety of their workplace and reduce the time it takes to complete vital tasks by using automated trucks and robot arms. This technology makes use of clearly defined operational regions to keep machines and humans separate and improve worker safety.

Robotic material handling solutions at rheomold engineering solution LLP :

Robotic automation has become a vital part of both internal and external corporate operations in all industries. Automation benefits productivity, accountability, and growth. Industry has found it easier to do complex tasks without difficulty by replacing humans with technology. As a consequence of automation, the industrial sector has undergone significant changes.

Rheomold is a well-known robotic material handling solutions  and automation firm that provides a complete turnkey solution. Design, validation, production, and commissioning are all part of the process.

They provide their customers with specialized and customized Material Handling System Integration and Robotic Material Handling Solutions & Automation, merging the latest technology with current systems to integrate newer systems without interfering with older ones.

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