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What are the decorative trends of your socket?

Have you decided to renovate your home? Be sure to keep in mind the decorating trends for your socket and switch according to Emergency Electrician Dubai. You can find almost any style that suits your home decor! This is how

The keys to a realistic way of applying modern patterns

Nowadays, Emergency Electrician Dubai has started refurbishing keycaps with different materials. So it is possible to find many models according to your style and your taste. Choose colors and textures for trendy jewelry.

Stand out with the original switch decoration

To stand out and highlight the decor, you can choose something sensible and timeless, bright, matte, bright colors, or vice versa. Make sure you use logic in your decor. For example, if we take a beautiful living room. We will find wood, black, white and very different colors. Then you risk using shiny switches, which are more suitable for modern decor or themes from the ’70s.

If you like bright colors, use bright colors along with white walls. It will break the unity and give a touch of happiness. Logic applies to all simple walls, so you have to play with the chosen color to be happy with the wall. For example, using gray aluminum with a black wall looks great, especially in kitchens if you have a stainless steel hood to match the gray color.

Design trends for patterns on switches and sockets

If you prefer decorating with patterns, there are different key designs for you. They are not only of different colors but also of different materials like wood, metal, or even copper. The diversity of textures adds a real dimension to your decor.

The plaid pattern fits in any room. Just match the colors and be careful not to overload the eyes. Avoid too many different colors and textures. In general, going over 3 colors will further confuse your decor “reading”.

Customize your switches and outlets

There are also switches that you can customize. Thanks to the removable panel, Electrical Services in Dubai can repaint it or paste the wallpaper on it. So most artists will be able to fully express themselves. It’s also an easy way to make sure you’re using the same colors throughout the room. You don’t have to eat plastic when it comes to materials. You can choose stainless steel, glass, or plexiglass.

Towards technology, the classic rocker button is rapidly giving way to a sensitive sensor that gives the switch a tactile and modern look.

Electrical outlets, decoration trends

If you plan to decorate your electrical outlets, it is recommended that you connect your switches to your electrical outlets. This set highlights the rest of the decor. The texture and color should be the same for best results. Otherwise, it will be necessary to have decorative fibers inside to avoid taste defects.

Socket covers for an even more advanced decoration

The socket cover is very useful for securing your sockets, so that young children do not touch them (essential if your sockets are old and do not have shutters). Socket covers are inexpensive and allow you to quickly decorate your walls by bringing color. There are fewer choices than for the complete sockets which take precedence over the rest, but this is a simple and quick way to have a trendy decoration for your sockets.

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