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Why Hoarding On The Site Should Be Consideration For Construction?

If you are thinking about the most important element of a construction project what comes to mind first? If it’s not hoarding on the site consider it again.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 highlights the obligation of care for every construction company and site manager to be accountable, and that is to take every step to ensure that employees and the general public are safe from the dangers of construction.

Hoarding is an integral element of this: not only does it protect the workers on-site from debris but also shields people from construction work and vehicles, and also helps to ensure the only access to the site.

Construction hoarding printing is an effective marketing tool that communicates something about your company. Do you make full use of this? Does it inspire excitement for the future of your business? Does it appear appealing, professional and well-maintained?

What Is Site Hoarding?

Hoarding occurs in the process of having a temporary fence set up around a building which is repairing or construct. Hoarding of sites is require for all construction sites during construction in order to ensure that places remain secure and safe but in recent times, hoarding panels for temporary use have been a well-known form of advertisement.

With such a massive visual appeal, it’s crucial that your site hoarding panels and construction hoarding are always at their best and present your business in the most attractive possible image. The start of the year is the ideal time to examine your hoarding for construction.

Here Are The Six Most Important Components To Be Inspected:


Are the colours vibrant and vivid or faded and dull? Are the hoardings clean? Is it tagged with graffiti? Are all areas cover with any kind of graphic, like hoardings or advertising? Or are some sections of plywood left unfinish?


Does your hoarding showcase your brand in a professional manner? Sometimes, modifications to the company’s logo and any other element of an organisation’s visual brand take time to propagate across all assets of the company. At a minimum do you have uniformity?

In other words, the logo is identical across all the parts on the sign? Are corporate messages uniform and current?

Compliance With By-Laws

In several communities across Canada, local laws require developers to allocate a certain portion of their hoardings to public art.

This will help beautify the area and promote local talent and can transform what in certain instances could be a snore into something distinctive and fascinating. Does your construction hoarding panel adhere to the local laws?


In the current outbreak, it is vital to include appropriate safety signs for construction on your hoardings, to inform employees and visitors about the safety guidelines for your site. Does your construction hoarding include COVID-19 messaging? Are you sure it is up-to-date and in good shape?


Broken or missing plywood hoarding panels could pose a security risk and appear unattractive. Do your hoardings require repair or replacement?


Are your graphics and written content conveying current information? Do they, for instance, accurately reflect the current state of construction, like 70percent sold out and so on?

A product that was specifically design by solutions for site hoarding to the five hoarding concerns within one product:

  1. Site hoarding signage must be durable and strong enough to create a safety fence and stand up to weather conditions.
  2. It’s expect to be simple and simple to install and allow your project to begin on time and process effectively, particularly in these times.
  3. It must be able to be adjust to the location of the site.
  4. It must comply with the requirements for controlled access to the location and be able to include appropriate signs.
  5. Additionally, all hoardings on the site should be based on the sustainability objectives of the construction project. This should not allow for illegally-sourced tropical plywood or boards, which are not clear on their supply chain.

If your property is a luxurious development that has numerous stakeholders, or a responsible and social housing project, it is require to be protect from unauthorise access. In addition to being vulnerable to vandalism, every building site can be dangerous for casual visitors to wander through, which is why good quality hoarding on site is essential.

Site Hoarding Panels

Site Hoarding Advertising

It was the case that the only advertising you could find on temporary walls would be those of local clubs advertising however this kind of marketing has grown in leaps and leaps.

It’s an affordable and efficient method of advertising, and because of the nature of the hoarding, it is likely that the advertisement will be seen by an enormous number of people. If your advertisement is creating correctly, the effect of your hoarding can be efficient.

The Benefits Of Site Hoarding

If you’ve decided to make use of site hoarding as a method of advertising, then you’ll need to think about what is going to grab the attention of people. The more imaginative and original your design is, the more likely people are to be aware of the advertising.

If it is in line with your brand’s style and message, using bright colours is a good way to convey your message to the point, so that the audience does not need to be in close proximity to comprehend the message you’re promoting.

Site hoarding is a possibility that can be short – or long-term, that allows you to be flexible when you choose to utilise site hoarding as an element of marketing.

These banners and boards can be place in a variety of public places, including train platforms, construction sites and bus stations, along roadsides as well as in sports and leisure centres. Based on where you decide to put your banner, the number of people who view your advert can be massive. It’s a new method of ensuring that the vast majority of people are expose to your message.

Benefits Of Buying Building Site Hoarding

Site hoarding solutions could be an interim solution however it does not mean that employing workers isn’t the most efficient (and cost-effective!) alternative. Because of their way, these projects run for quite a while. And there’s always the chance that they’ll go beyond their time. It’s astonishing how quickly a ‘hire price’ can be add.

The construction of your hoarding on your site is typically the most economical solution. You’re in charge of what you’ll be spending. The hoarding can be store by you and is a good value for the amount. It is used frequently to make new projects using the same design or in new designs.

The purchase of your building site hoarding permits you to personalise the boards. They’re design to order and with the help of our experts – you’re free to alter the design to your own requirements.

Inform your customers about the latest initiative, showcase your brand’s image and connect with the community. It’s your choice and we’ll be there to assist to design the ideal website hoarding.


They provide a short but effective marketing opportunity and provide privacy on the location. Placing your logo on fences or on wall banners will bring attention to your company and your brand. The signs can be easily seen near pedestrians.

There are many different hoarding signs for buildings. It could range from a basic wall banner to a massive construction hoarding that extends hundreds of metres along the perimeter of the property.

A durable vinyl banner allows the logo and message of your company to stand out on your website, giving your brand more visibility. Anti-graffiti coatings assist in reducing the harm done to your brand’s image by vandals and graffiti artists.


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