We all have grown up hearing this line that time and tide wait for none. Well, they don’t, and for a generation where they hardly get to rest or spend some time with family members, it is evident that they’ll search for options that will make their work easier and quicker. Thus to reach one’s destination quicker, they opt for vehicles. These vehicles are run by motor and petrol, which releases a huge amount of pollution. 

Now for a country like India, which is considered to be the 2nd highest populated country in the world, the increasing pollution rate is no wonder. Everyone is looking for options that will save their time, and somehow are ending up with buying some petrol to run a motor vehicle. 

Well to match the pace of time, we need to have the mediums that will make our work quicker and easier. If we are talking about vehicles, let us tell you about that kind of vehicle which efficiently performs its duties without adding to the pollution. We have heard about this numerous times but probably never gave it a try. It is an Electronic Vehicle popularly known as EVs. As per the latest EV news India, the percentage of buying EVs is going higher in recent times. 

Unlike the normal vehicles with a combustion engine, these electronic vehicles run on an electric motor supported by a battery. For charging, they need to be connected to the EVSE, i.e., electric vehicle supply equipment. These vehicles neither contain a typical liquid fuel pump, nor a tank to fill. Here comes the best part, as these electric vehicles or EVs are run on battery, it doesn’t emit any kind of exhaust from the tailpipe. 

Apart from these advantages, some more benefits will compel you to buy nothing but an EV next time. 

  •     No fuel required: Normal vehicle consumes a lot of fuel and this costs a lot of money. EV here becomes the game-changer. It consumes 0% fuel and runs on a battery. Imagine investing the whole amount that you used to spend on vehicles consuming fuels. 
  •     Environmental friendly: As these vehicles run on battery, they do not emit any pollutants. Vehicles run on fuel and emit CO2. Thus, driving an electric vehicle will not only save your money but will also save the environment. 
  •     Easy and lower maintenance: Unlike fuel-run vehicles, vehicles run on battery contains fewer parts, helping you save a fixed amount that you used to spend on operating your vehicle. This way EVs are easy to maintain when compared to non-electric vehicles.
  •     Smoother performance: Electric vehicle gives a smoother performance in comparison to a vehicle that runs on fuel. Though EVs are much lighter but are faster in acceleration.
  •     Noiseless:Electric vehicles do not have any noise of their own. It has silent functioning as they do not have an engine. This noiseless feature gives your vehicle a chic look and makes you feel classy. 
  •     Government incentives: The best part of getting an electric vehicle in India is that government provides you incentives to buy EVs. As the rate of population in India is growing, it is giving rise to pollution as well. Hence, the Government of India is introducing new policies as they too want the nation-people to buy an EV. 

These features of an EV are giving rise to its trend in the Indian market. New electric vehicle updates are going to make them even crazier. So now you know what to opt for while purchasing a vehicle for yourself.  


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