Why You Need A 3D Configurator? | A Brief Guide

A 3D configurator is an interface design tool that allows users to customize their products based upon available configuration options such as color, print, image, text, and texture. It also supports dynamic pricing.

What’s a 3D Configurator?

3D configurators can also be called Product Editors, or Product Customizers. We will use the terms interchangeably in this guide.

Understanding the purpose of 3D Configurator software will help you better understand it. 3D configurators are not independent design tools. BRIKL considers product configurators to be the intersection of customization software, sales software, visualization software, and collaboration software.

Sales software

BRIKL 3D configurator is sales software. Customization software’s goal is to increase sales, convert more leads and increase sales. To speed up the request-to quote process, configurators are used in the B2B sector. To allow customers to create, submit, and place a request, or to place an order, configurators are part of e-commerce software.

Customization software

BRIKL 3D configurator is customizable software. Every product configurator software has customizations at its core. It allows the user to create a product in real-time 3D. This includes customizing colors, text, images, and textures.

Visualization software

 Professional designers can transform 2D designs into beautiful 3D rendering which they can spin in real-time.

Collaboration software

 Designers can create a link to the design they have created that they can share with customers.

NOT design software

BRIKL 3D configurator does not provide design software. Instead, it can be used with other software packages such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Blender to create design templates that can then be imported into BRIKL for customization.

Why is 3D Configurator important to your business?

Both B2B as well as B2C domains use configurators to enable customers to quickly and intuitively design complex products.

B2B Configurator

B2B configurators form a crucial part of Configure Price Quote (CPQ). CPQ software’s goal is to speed up the request-to-quote process by providing customers with configurable products. Unlike in the past, CPQ relied heavily on forms to configure product products. Customers can now see their products in 3D in real-time. The CPQ industry has been transformed by the advent of the visual configurator.

B2B configurators are a great tool for companies that help to reduce the time it takes to sell, make sales more enjoyable, and minimize errors in quoting.

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B2C Configurator

eCommerce platforms are key players in the online B2C configuration market. The demand for configurable products is growing rapidly. Customers want products that they can design. Customers can create the products they desire using a product configurator, giving them a sense of ownership.

B2C configurators have many benefits. They increase excitement (customers spend longer on your website), improve conversions (customers feel more connected), and result in higher quality leads and more sales.


BRIKL automates web-to-print (i.e. the design-to-manufacturing) process. Our software reduces the design time by 70%, and the production time by 20%. Customers can submit 3D designs and convert them into 2D pattern files. BRIKL is the On-Demand Production Software Solution you’ve been searching for.

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