Can I Make a Curved Composite Decking?

Can I Make a Curved Composite Decking?

One option to improve the aesthetic of your compound is to install decking. However, using composite decking can not only improve the appearance of your home but also raise its value. Furthermore, composite decking can provide you with an additional outside area for your pastimes. On your wood-plastic decking, you may unwind and share memories with friends and family. It also affects what sort of decking you create. The majority of decking has straight sides and sharp edges. If you create a curved composite deck, you will have a one-of-a-kind deck.

What is curved decking?

What is curved decking?

Curved decking, unlike typical decking with straight edges, does not have straight sides. It has curved or round sides instead. This type of decking has rounded edges and does not have the usual decking look. Composite planks will be used to construct a curving deck. To fit the design of a curved deck, the joists must be round or curved.

What are the advantages of curved composite decking?

One motivation to construct curved komposittrall is to produce something unique that reflects your personal preferences. If you offer your property a distinctive feature that makes it unique from others in your neighborhood, it will stand out. Straight sides with rectangular borders characterize traditional decking. This style is widespread and may be seen in practically any home with a deck.

Building a curved deck will set you apart from other deck owners since it will be distinctive from the standard decking design. Curved decking will also add to the value of your home because it is a distinctive design. When you live in an area where multiple homes seem the same, it might be difficult to tell which is yours.

When you install curved composite decking in your yard or on the front of your house, it will be simple to identify your property. Curved decking will also offer your house a feeling of uniqueness and inventiveness by setting it apart. Your neighbors will appreciate curved decking since you have developed something distinctive. This will help possible future purchasers notice your house.

How to make a curved composite deck

Curved composite decking is constructed similarly to straight composite decking. Determine if you want to be raised or flush decking. This will help you decide whether or not to employ posts for the decking foundation. Then you should build the design and make sure it fits where you want it to go. If you want to create your own curved composite decking, keep in mind that it will need some talent. This is due to the fact that curved composite decking differs from standard decking. To accomplish a curve design, the substructure must be curved.

Step One – Clear Your Space

When designing your composite decking, you must first clear the space where the decking will be installed. This must be done whether the decking is curved or straight. You should level your garden if necessary to make your decking straight. Then you should measure the space to determine the size of your sundeck. Because you’re making a circular deck, you should think about the round edges.

Step Two –Lay the Groundwork

The majority of curved composite decking is used on the ground level. Some homeowners believe that decking on the ground level does not require a foundation. However, you must lay a strong base for your curved decking. Concrete slabs can be utilized to replace posts used for raised decking if your decking is flat. The slabs should be placed along the decking’s margins. You decide how many concrete slabs to lay. However, you must ensure that your curved composite decking has a strong base. To keep your decking in place, you should use concrete to bond the slabs to the ground.

Step Three – Construct the joists

Joists are also required for curved composite decking. Unlike standard straight decking joists, the joists will not have straight edges. In order to obtain a curved design, the edges must be curved.

Step 4: Arrange the Boards

The boards should be laid after the joists have been built. Make sure they’re 5 mm apart.


If you want to create a unique style in your home, you may install a curved composite decking. This type of decking will enhance the appearance of your property.

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