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What is a Wireless Network and What are Its Advantages?

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear “Wireless networks” is likely an Internet router. Today, however, hundreds of wireless devices bring value to our daily lives.

We often use and come across wireless networks in our daily lives. The use of wireless networks in our daily life includes mobile phones, tabs and laptops. Wi-Fi networks are becoming more popular all over the globe.

CZUR’s Professional Document Scanner is Wi-Fi compatible; you don’t need to connect the scanner to your laptop through a USB cable. This scanner gives you mobility and wireless experience while converting physical copies of documents into digital formats.

This technology is both efficient and cost-effective. It is becoming an indispensable tool for mobile workers with each passing day.


What is a wireless network?

Wi-Fi networks are computer networks that aren’t connected or linked by cables. These are the wireless connections between different parts, such as the receiver and transmitter.

Wi-Fi networks do not require the use of optical cables, twist pair cables or other wires. The use of electromagnetic waves is used to carry information. Different modulation techniques are used to carry the information. The information is transmitted between the transmitter and the receiver. 

Antennas are used to transmit electromagnetic waves to the air and receive electromagnetic waves from the atmosphere.



Wireless networks are able to be accessed from almost any location in their immediate network environment. Benefit of the great accessibility of WiFi network allows users to connect to other devices within a range of distance.

Every time we buy a device or choose a service, we are only concerned with the convenience it offers. Wireless connectivity has made office and home things more convenient and automated. This technology is a great invention that made things more convenient and portable to use.



Users can now access the internet from anywhere, thanks to the development of public Wi-Fi networks. With the help of wireless technology, chain coffee shops offer customers free or very low-cost wireless internet access.



Wireless networks allow users to maintain an almost constant connection with their network while they move from one place to another. This means that employees can be more productive if they work from anywhere.

CZUR’s Best Book Scanner allows you to scan upto 300 pages of a book within ten minutes. This miraculous device is a great way to enhance your productivity while handling large scanning jobs.


A single access point is all that is required to set up an infrastructure-based wireless network. Wired networks, on the other hand, have the added cost and complexity of physical cables being run to multiple locations. Managing wired networks can be  difficult for some locations in a building.



Wi-Fi networks are able to serve an increased number of clients using the equipment available at a place. On the other hand, additional wiring would be required for additional clients in a wired network.



Wi-Fi compatible hardware can only offer a slight increase in performance over their wired counterparts. Wireless networking hardware often costs less in the long run than the cost savings and labor involved in running physical cables.


Mobility and Collaboration

You can stay connected even while you move around your workplace. You can access the most up-to-the-minute communications, all documents, and apps from the network anywhere and anytime.

So your entire team can stay in touch, provide network access across your organization, even in areas that have been difficult to reach with the wired network.


Wireless networking has its limitations

  • Security

Wi-Fi networks can use a variety of encryption technologies to combat this problem. However, some of the most popular encryption methods are susceptible to being compromised by a skilled adversary.

  • Range

A common 802.11g network equipped with standard equipment has a range of approximately tens to dozen of meters. It is sufficient for the average home but not enough for larger structures. Additional repeaters and access points are required to increase range. These items can be expensive and quickly add up.

  • Reliability

Wireless networking signals, like any radio frequency transmission, are susceptible to interference and complex propagation is beyond the control or management of the network administrator.

  • Speed

Most Wi-Fi networks are slower than the fastest wired networks (100 Mbps to several Gbps). In some cases, however, a wired network may be required in order to provide the necessary performance.

  • Interference is not permitted

Wi-Fi networks are susceptible to interference and jamming from external factors such as dust storms and fog. They are also more susceptible to interference, therefore, interference from radiation, fog, radio signals or other interference can cause malfunctions in wireless networks. The airband that transmits the signals can become overloaded if there are too many users.


Wi-Fi Technology Working Principle

Wi-Fi allows for high-speed internet connections and network connections without the need to use cables or wires. Radio signals, antennae, as well as routers are the three fundamental elements of a wireless network.

Radio waves are the key to Wi-Fi networking. Wi-Fi cards are available for cell phones and computers. WiFi compatibility was achieved by a new invention to connect the ground with the community network.

The Wi-Fi range depends on the environment. Wi-Fi cards can read signals and establish an internet connection between the user’s computer and the network. As the computer is closer to the main source, the Wi-Fi connection speed increases and decreases as the computer moves further away.


How to protect your Wi-Fi compatible devices?

Wi-Fi security is an important aspect of Wi-Fi technology. While security is entirely up to us, we must ensure that our privacy is protected when using Wi-Fi technology. It is possible to connect to unprotected wireless routers. 

The problem is that anyone can connect to your wireless router and use the data, such as downloading games, downloading apps, planning criminal activities, shirking illegal music and movie files. It is important to protect wireless technology-based devices.


How can you ensure security?

To configure Wi-Fi security, all routers come with a web page. Turn on WEP (Wired Equivalence Private) and enter a password. Keep this password. When you connect to your laptop Wi-Fi router, it will ask for the connection password.


5 Wireless Gadgets You must Have at Home

Your home is where you spend the most money: on furniture, art, and kitchen equipment. There are many other things you should consider: such as making your home smarter, more stylish, and safer by remote monitoring, installing air purifiers, making sure they work and going for better entertainment options. You also can access these devices through a wireless network from anywhere. 

Wireless products are tested products, and they remain operational for a long time.


WiFi everywhere

It’s possible that your WiFi coverage may not be consistent across your home. Although some router placement rules can be followed. Walls and other devices can also affect wireless.

You can use multiple extenders to increase your coverage. Setup is easy if your router has a button for WPS.


Portable documents scanner

Portable document scanners from CZUR are also the best example of wireless network operated gadgets you must have at your home. This scanner is the best way to scan your important documents and keep them in a safe and secure storage source. You can access digital formats of your documents anytime or from anywhere.


Baby Talk and Monitor

The WiFi camera and monitor system can be used for multiple purposes. You can watch your baby from another room using the 4.3-inch screen or use an app to keep an eye on your home and children when you’re away.

The camera can be controlled by you, and you can also get clear audio in two-way, play lullabies, and receive sound/temperature alarms. Up to four cameras are possible when you need to cover the whole house.


August Doorbell Cam

The next gadget that operates on the wireless network is the August Doorbell cam. 

It is a great IoT innovation. August Doorbell Camera allows you to answer the door from any location. It continuously checks your doors and captures any motion changes at your door.


Wireless bulb

Philips Hue, a well-known IoT device, is used to control the light and create the perfect atmosphere for each moment.
It allows the smart home to be connected with the best lights around the globe.


How to select the right smart home device for you

Every person is different when choosing the best smart home device that run on wireless network. The majority of the decision will come down to which smart home platform you like. You’ll need devices that can be used with your voice assistant to create routines and control your gadgets hand-free.

The Internet of Things IoT device has become a hot topic in our current age due to wireless network in them. We now know how smart devices created by humans for mankind impact both the positive and negative aspects of our lives.



Wi-Fi technology is continuously taking part in our daily use. This technology is continuously improving and proving to be more useful for workplaces. Portable document scanners are the application of Wi-Fi technology; they transform workplaces into digital workplaces. 

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