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How To Install A Deadbolt Lock On A Metal Door

How To Install A Deadbolt Lock On A Metal Door

Do you know how to secure a metal door with a deadbolt? Installing a deadbolt lock on a metal door will improve the security of your home and provide you and your family peace of mind. A lock is one of the most cost-effective security features you can add to your home. Because a deadbolt lock is both robust and difficult to pick, it is an effective deterrent against thieves and burglars.

This brief article will show you how to install a lock on a metal door and pick the best deadbolt for your needs. For the best way to install a deadbolt lock on a metal door, call the Commercial locksmith in Melrose Park.

Tools Used In Installing Deadbolt On Metal Doors

To effectively complete any installation project in your home, you’ll need the necessary tools. Having the correct equipment on hand will help you accomplish the task faster, but it will also save you the stress of having to rummage through your toolbox in the middle of work!

This is all you’ll need to know about installing a lock on a metal door.

  1. 4-in-1 screwdriver
  2. Corded drill
  3. Drill bit set
  4. Combination square
  5. Hearing protection/earmuffs
  6. Eye protection/goggles
  7. Tape measure
  8. Extension cord
  9. Hammer
  10. Center punch

Deadbolt Installation On A Metal Door

It can be intimidating to install a lock for the first time. However, you should have no problems if you have the correct tools. In five easy steps, you can install a deadbolt lock on a metal door:

Step 1:

Measure 42 inches from the bottom of your door with a tape measure. Using your hammer and center punch, make a mark. Make sure the distance from the edge equals the backset of the deadbolt. Make a second mark at the same height and in the middle of the door’s edge.

Step 2:

Starting from the inside mark, drill a hole on the door face with the two 1/8-inch hole saws. Drill until the bit can pass through the door. Stop drilling and partially open the door. To keep the door stable, wedge a doorstop, then finish drilling the hole from the outside, using the pilot hole as a guide.

Step 3:

Drill a hole from your mark at the door’s edge with the 1-inch hole saw. Once you’ve insect the departing hole, come to a halt.

Step 4:

Install the bolt assembly from your deadbolt set into the 1-inch hole, securing it using the set’s supplied screw.

Step 5:

Place the cylinder assembly in place. Place the keyed side of your door on the outside and the thumb latch on the inside. Use the long machine screws to secure it.

However, after installing the deadbolt lock, test it out by inserting your key and turning the knob. Although, the deadbolt should be easy to open and close. When your deadbolt does not work properly, call Lock Installation in Schiller Park for better installation of your deadbolt lock.

Why Is It Called Deadbolt Lock

Without a key, deadbolts cannot be rotated or opened. You won’t be able to open a deadbolt without a key, unlike spring bolt locks with a spring that holds the bolt in place. You’ll notice a knob on one end of a spring bolt lock if you look closely. Moreover, Turn the locking mechanism with your hand to open the lock.

However, no external mechanism lets you manually open a deadbolt. If you don’t have a key, you’ll have to destroy everything to open the lock. Furthermore, the form of the deadbolt lock makes it more difficult to pick, even for skilled locksmiths.

Benefits of a deadbolt on a metal door

According to home security pros, deadbolts are one of the finest ways to shore up your home protection, particularly locksmiths. A good lock is an excellent deterrent for burglars and robbers. Because many thieves are opportunists rather than those who take the time and effort to scout your property, even the appearance of a deadbolt on a door is enough to deter the average thief. However, preventing intruders from accessing your home requires more than simply the appearance of a deadbolt. A deadbolt’s design works as utilizing the force against them. The steel bolt of the lock will jam up on the strike plate within the door frame if intruders try to force their way in. The deadbolt works better against an invader trying to force their way into your home.

Deadbolts constructed of solid steel, brass, or bronze are the best. Die-cast deadbolts should be avoided since they can break apart if enough power is applied. Single cylinder, double cylinder, and keyless deadbolts are the three types of deadbolts available.

Single cylinders have a twist knob on the inside and one keyhole outside. Because double cylinder deadbolts feature keyholes on both sides, you’ll need a key to unlock it regardless of which side you’re on. A keypad on keyless deadbolts is used to enter a PIN code.


Now you understand how to install a lock on a metal door. Isn’t it simple? Even though it appears difficult, you can complete it properly provided you have the necessary equipment. A lock is an excellent way to ensure that your home is secure and that you and your family are safe from intruders.

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