Rent your dream car in Dubai - The ultimate guide in 2022

Rent your dream car in Dubai – The ultimate guide in 2022

In UAE, Dubai is one of the emirates popular for its luxury lifestyle. And you can observe it through exotic cars and if you want to experience it, go for a car rental. The article explains the step-by-step process of renting a car and other crucial points one needs to consider. Keep reading!

Why should you rent a car in Dubai?

Well, there are plenty of reasons to rent a car in Dubai. And if you still want to know, does it make sense to rent a car or not. The following points will help you make the decision.

  • Dubai’s roads are perfectly designed and constructed to drive the cars safely. There is no other place to enjoy driving your dream car like Dubai.
  • It will save your money as public transport can reach you to the destination till a certain limit. And with a rented car, you can move around the city without any trouble. Also, the fuel in UAE is extremely affordable, that ultimately saves extra.
  • It offers freedom, privacy, and comfort while traveling. Also, you can adjust your trip as per your convenience.
  • Fleets of cars are available, from high-end cars to the economy. Dubai has it all.
  • You can rent a car to enjoy your desert safari and other activity.

Eligibility to rent a car in Dubai

There are some eligibility criteria to rent a car in Dubai. However, all of them are basic and essential if one has to hire from any Sports Car Rental Dubai.


You may need an international driving license, passport, and credit card if you are a tourist. You can even apply for an international permit in your country. However, the residents from GCC countries are allowed to hire with their local driving license.

Road rules

They drive on the right side of the road, just like most countries in Europe. Also, you can not cross the given limit for driving which can lead to punishment.


Some car rental companies might require 23 to 25 age to rent a car. However, the 25 age limit is compulsory to rent exotic high-end cars.

How to find the best car rental company?

In Dubai, the car rental industry is highly competitive, and sometimes, it becomes tough to find the right and trusted one. However, with little research and network, you can find one. Also, make sure to check the reviews of the car rental companies to know more about their service.

Most car rental companies offer an online booking system, so just visit the site and inquire about the quote. Also, don’t forget to compare the prices of the car rental companies for a more authentic decision.

Points to consider before picking up the rented car

Many times, due to the small ignorance, you might have to face big trouble. Check the following points to avoid such a situation.

  • Inspect the car in and out and take high-quality photos of the car from every possible angle. It will help you find the damage to the car that does not cause by you. Otherwise, you will have to pay the additional charges for the damage.
  • Ask for the emergency no. of the rental company to call if any accident or emergency occurs.
  • Read the car-related documents before leaving the spot and also discuss the insurance policy.
  • Check the fuel guideline in case full tank return policy.
  • Confirm the returning date and time once to avoid late fees.

Bottom line

Renting a car in Dubai is a simple process, just like you do anywhere in the world. The only matter is to fit into eligibility as it might be different from one another. Make sure you have all documents to rent an economy to a high-end car, and you are good to go.



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