How to Treat Excessive Sleepiness

How to Treat Excessive Sleepiness

If you’re tired all the time, you might want to know how to treat excessive sleepiness. Excessive sleepiness can be a dangerous condition, affecting your ability to stay alert, focus, and remember things. It can also affect your memory and reaction times, which can lead to an increased risk of car accidents. In addition, it can negatively affect your work productivity and academic performance. The treatments for excessive sleepiness depend on the underlying cause. Chronic diseases, mental health issues, and stress can cause this sleep disorder.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

A trained provider will conduct a CBT for excessive sleepiness (CBT-ES) program. This therapy involves challenging and altering faulty thoughts and promoting positive attitudes. Establishing a “worry time” before going to bed to review the day and prepare for the next day, for example, could be part of a CBT for excessive drowsiness programmer. Furthermore, it can assist the person in avoiding thoughts about incidents that have cause them to be sleep deprive in the past. Before going to bed, a “freeze time” is also set.

Moreover, CBT for excessive sleepiness can be effective even if you don’t take medications. It is a short-term psychotherapy that guides a person to change bad sleep habits and improve their quality of life. It is more effective than Waklert pill as it does not carry any negative side effects and can be used for a limit period of time. Moreover, for excessive sleepiness can help people recover their lost energy more quickly than sleeping pills.


If you suffer from excessive sleepiness caused by your antidepressant, you have a few options. Adjusting your dosage, avoiding alcohol, and taking your medicine at different times can help you get a better night’s rest. Although many people experience the same symptom, there are ways to limit your daytime sleepiness. Continue reading to learn how to deal with excessive sleepiness caused by antidepressants.

Most antidepressants are sedatives, which means they decrease alertness and wakefulness. Some may experience blurred vision, dry mouth, and weight gain. These medications can make you drowsy or even sleepy, so they should be avoid by anyone taking them. However, you should not drive or use public transportation when you are taking an antidepressant. Your doctor may prescribe a different medication if you notice these side effects.

Circadian rhythm disorders

When we are asleep and awake, our body’s rhythms are aligned according to the day and the night. Our internal clocks are like an orchestra that cycles between two phases. Your body’s temperature rises and falls during your last few hours of sleep and decreases during the night. Most people experience a slight drop in body temperature between two and four p.m. During these times, our body temperature is most likely to be lower than usual, which may be the reason we feel sleepy early in the afternoon.

If you suspect you have a circadian rhythm disorder, the first step is to consult a sleep physician. Your doctor may order a sleep study or ask you to keep track of your sleep for a week before your appointment. The doctor will review your medical history and ask you about your sleeping habits and the environment that affects them. After a thorough physical examination, your doctor may order a sleep study to rule out other conditions.

Light therapy

Although the effects of light therapy on excessive sleepiness have not been prove, it is believe that it could influence the circadian system and may have direct alerting effects. The study participants reported improved concentration and work productivity and were satisfy with the treatment. Participants also found the lighting relaxing and wished to incorporate the therapy into their daily lives. However, further research is necessary to determine the exact mechanism of action. To learn more, read the following article:

Several meta-analyses have evaluated the effects of pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions on shift workers. Light treatment, however, has largely been studied with limited evidence. Different durations and intensities of light may have different effects on sleepiness, phase shifting, and circadian rhythms. For this reason, the present meta-analysis aims to assess how light therapy may affect shift workers’ circadian phases. You can get more information about at 

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