Dog birthday games: 10 fun games

Dog birthday games: 10 fun games

Bone Hunt

Like a scavenger hunt, this dog birthday game for kids sends all players on a hunt for dog bones hidden throughout the party space. You can use a dog bone-shaped kibble box, use plastic bones, or cut out the bone shapes from colored paper or cardboard. Since dogs tend to bury their bones, you can hide some bones under objects (like under the carpet if the party is indoors or under chair cushions in the garden). Once all the bones are hidden, divide the players into two teams. Give each team a list of bones they need to find.

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You are crawling

One of the birthday dog ​​games with a reasonably simple concept. Just ask players to race on all fours to the finish line. You can do this as individual races or divide players into teams and do a four-legged relay race. Another variation can be to have them crawl and jump like dogs through an obstacle course.

Dessert Race

This game can get messy, so have the kids sit around a table covered with a tablecloth and have plenty of napkins and wet wipes handy. Place a bowl on the facade of the apiece player and load the bowl with mild cake or ice cream. Children should sit down and clean their bowls using only their mouths—the first player to lick their bowl wins.


To play this dog game, have children gather in the middle of the room or yard. Play a song they all know and have their bark instead of singing the lyrics to the song. Have someone (or you) stop the song at random intervals. When the music stops, the barking should also stop. The last child to stop barking is eliminated, the music resumes, the children bark again until the song is stopped, and so on until there is a winner.

Feeding the dog

  1. Draw a dog’s face and cut out / hollow out the mouth on a large cardboard box.
  2. Let the children feed the dog by trying to throw plastic bones or bones cut out of cardboard into the dog’s mouth.
  3. Ask them to try different distances.

Basket Relay

To play this game, divide players into two teams and have each team line up in front of a dog basket. A few feet away from the dog beds, place two sets of clean dog toys. Teams must run and take turns retrieving toys from the dogs and placing them in the baskets. The first team to have all their toys in their basket wins the race.


To play this dog-themed game in your backyard, have two players stand side-by-side behind a designated line. Give each player a different colored rubber ball. On the command “go ahead!” each player must throw their ball as far as possible.

Dog Show

Give the kids a bunch of puppy ears, tails, and face paint. Let them dress each other up as show dogs (or have adults help them out if they’re very young), then show off their costumes on a dog run. They can perform tricks, show off their best doggie sweaters, or even howl a song for talent.

Barking contest

One of the amusing birthday dog ​​games is to organize a barking contest where everyone is a winner. Each child can give their best bark, and then you can award prizes for loudest, saddest, most accurate, funniest, etc.

Obstacle course for dogs

Divide the children into 2 teams. Give each team a tennis ball or other small ball. Children must push the ball through the obstacle course with their noses on all fours. Do the course with what you have: go under a table, between chairs, etc.

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