Skin Whitening Injections

9 Possible Side Effects of Skin Whitening Injections

Side Effects of Skin Whitening Injections

An alarming trend in Pakistan is the growing popularity of skin whitening injections. Many people believe that skin whitening injections are safe and effective. Still, there are many potential side effects associated with these injections that many people do not consider before getting them done by an unlicensed doctor or dermatologists in Lahore.

To help you avoid the common mistakes so many Pakistanis make when getting skin whitening injections, here are 9 potential side effects to watch out for.

1) Hair growth

When you use skin whitening injections, you may experience hair growth in areas where none was before. Use topical creams to slow or stop new hair growth from keeping your skin looking its best. However, it would help if you always spoke with a dermatologist or other medical professional before using any skin-whitening product.

2) Hives

Hives are very common side effects of skin whitening injections, and they tend to be more severe when you first start using them. They go away after a while, but some people may never be able to get rid of them. If your skin breaks out in a rash, you’ll need to see a doctor before continuing your treatment with these injections.

3) Rash

One of our most frequent inquiries from clients is, can skin whitening injections cause a rash? And indeed, many new patients experience some redness and irritation for about 10 days after treatment.

This will subside with continued use, but you can soothe your skin with a moisturizer if you have an inflammatory reaction. Be sure to visit your best skin specialist or best dermatologists in Lahore to learn more about these effects and how might mitigate them.

4) Peeling

According to a board-certified dermatologists in Lahore, this is one side effect many people experience from skin-whitening injections. She recommends using moisturizer as soon as peeling occurs and avoiding retinoids to prevent further skin cell damage.

5) Ingrown hair

Ingrown hairs can occur after a skin-whitening injection, particularly if you shave or wax around your treatment area before it heals. Ingrown hairs look like pimples and can be painful if they become infected.

If ingrown hair pops up on your face or body, take care not to squeeze it; it may cause an infection. Wash it gently with soap and water and apply an antibacterial ointment for comfort.

6) Infection in the treated area

Any time skin is punctured, there’s a chance for infection. Some side effects are worse than others, however. Before considering having a treatment done, ask your best skin specialist to explain all potential risks and benefits so you can decide if it’s worth taking that risk.

Do not try to self-administer injections or go to any unauthorized facility! Your health is worth more than cost savings!

7) Increased sensitivity to sunlight

In addition to skin whitening injections causing your skin to become lighter, they can also make it more sensitive to sunlight.

Your best dermatologists in Lahore will warn you about how long you should avoid direct sunlight if you opt for these treatments. Not only that, but sunscreen is extremely important even after your treatment is over because skin sensitivity can last for several months after use.

8) Acne formation in the treated area

Individuals new to skin whitening injections may experience a mild to moderate breakout within weeks of beginning treatment. Acne formation is normal and typically subsides in time as your body adjusts to injection-related chemical changes.

If your acne doesn’t fade after several weeks, see a doctor to determine if you should consider alternative treatments.

9) Bruising

As with any cosmetic procedure, side effects are possible. Bruising is a common side effect of skin whitening injections and can occur after treatment though it’s more likely to happen immediately after.

While some bruising may be unavoidable, there are ways to reduce its appearance and severity. If you notice bruising after your treatment, get in touch with your skin specialist to discuss ways you can minimize its appearance and help it heal faster.

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