to Grow Power: 5 Ultimate Most useful Social Media Contest Apps in 2022

Ultimate 5 Most useful Social Media Contest Apps to Grow Power in 2022




Agorapulse is an application that allows you to run social media contests, specifically on Facebook, effortlessly. The app has many features that make running instagram timeline contests a breeze. It’s one of the top applications you can use to reward your fans on Facebook for building the brand’s loyalty and dramatically improving engagement with your audience check now


When you run Sweepstakes, Quizzes, and Contests for photos through your timeline on Facebook, you will be able to quickly attract fans to your page from around the globe via Agorapulse.




Wishpond, a unique all-in-one solution, can meet all your needs in business marketing and assists you in reaching the new market and dramatically increasing sales without creating an enormous gap in your budget. It’s cost-effective, but it is also a trusted partner for thousands of brands around the world.


It includes almost all of the features customers require to host contests across various social media networks, improve sales, create new leads, and grow their businesses quickly and easily. It is possible to create engaging contests and campaigns or hire your marketing professionals from Wishpond like copywriters, Facebook and Google Ads experts, graphic designers, video editors, SEO experts, and many more to increase your business exponentially orderly and professional way.


Wishpond offers services Wishpond via three plans: The Starting Out Plan, the All You Need Plan, and the Rapid Growth Plan.

Starting Plan: The Starting Out Plan costs $4/month(COMPRAR SEGUIDORES INSTAGRAM ) which includes the ability to create unlimited landing pages and social competitions and pop-ups, email drip campaigns, Unlimited user accounts, marketing automation, and a maximum of 1,000 leads.


The Everything You Need Plan costs $99 per month and includes all the Beginning Out Plan features, A/B Testing, Custom CSS & Javascript, API Access, and up to 2500 leads. Its Rapid Growth Plan costs $199/month includes all the features offered by the Everything (instagram)You Need Plan and the additional support of a first-in-line support team, free implementation training, and up to 10,000 leads. For the most part, each plan is accompanied by a 14-day no-cost test.




Additionally, as the most popular Business Growth App, Gleam offers a user-friendly interface that makes navigation and acquisition a breeze. With more than 45,000 clients across the globe, Gleam remains a highly reliable social media service platform with four different applications that can help you organize social media contests in under 3 minutes.


You can also use it to set up exciting games, asking participants to perform predefined actions to earn instant rewards.

It offers a wide range of integrations, actions, and widgets that will assist you in organizing unique social media contests without difficulty. With Gleam, it is possible to purchase a complete package of four apps at $97 per month or purchase each app individually for different costs. The competitions app allows you to create and conduct giveaways, contests, or sweepstakes to increase user engagement is available for purchase starting at $10 per month.

Finally, the Captures app, which also begins at $29/month, can send targeted messages and opt-in forms for specific users at certain dates to build lists of email addresses and increase the size of your business.




King sumo is an essential and straightforward app and an online platform you can use to organize giveaways in the most efficient, effective, and time-bound way. (instagram) It also offers three critical guidelines for registration to assist you in understanding and mastering the fundamentals of social media contests’ planning and execution.


These three tips will allow you to run successful campaigns even for those without prior knowledge of giveaways or contests management. It is possible to use the Kingsumo app to create massive leads for your company through exciting, fun, and intriguing giveaways and contests.


In addition to automated and cost-effective lead generation, use Kingsumo to provide extra entries in exchange for actions performed by your followers. It can also embed an element or complete giveaway on any website. In addition, it makes creating an email list simple following the collection of emails and automated mid-giveaway and last reminders every 24 hours to engage your clients and keep them engaged in the contests.


Web App Pro is available for purchase, although the Web App remains free of cost and offers unlimitless giveaways, integrated features, and embeds on all websites.




Shortstack is a laudable social media service that provides applications that allow you to create giveaways, contests, websites, landing pages, and emails to create targeted marketing campaigns that draw people from all over the globe. From organizing contests with a comment-to-enter entry or giveaways with hashtags and embedding your website without the need for developers or creating pop-ups, (instagram)landing pages and standalone landing pages, and small websites. Shortstack is a single-source solution for all of your marketing requirements.


You can give them prizes with coupons, scratch cards, and other unique and exciting prizes. Shortstack offers its services in four plans, including”The Business Plan for $99/month that allows for 10,000 views and 50,000 entries. The Agency Plan for $249/month allows a maximum of two million views and 50,000 entries.


The Brand Plan for $499/month can accommodate up to 5,00,000 entries and 2,500,000 views, and the Enterprise plan with more than 5,00,000. Entries and 250,000 views. These plans come with distinct options that let you arrange different sets and kinds of giveaways, contests, or other campaigns.


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